How does the RemotePC Partner Program work?

The RemotePC referral partner program allows authorized resellers to earn by recommending our remote access solution. RemotePC provides your customers a specific URL to sign up for our Remote Access service. Through the use of this URL, we identify your customers and track conversions to a paid subscription plan. We earmark 25% of the qualifying revenue collected from your customers as your commission and pay it every quarter by check.

No joining fee

The RemotePC Partnership Program is absolutely free of cost. You just need to provide your basic information to signup.

Unique URL for sign up

A unique URL is provided to you on sign up. Any referral signups via this URL and conversions to paid accounts are tracked by RemotePC.

User list

View a list of your referred users, the number of computers added by them, etc.

Marketing resources

Get an authorised partner badge, and promote RemotePC among your clients with marketing banners and PDFs.


For every signup through your referral, you receive 25% of the qualifying revenues.

You refer, we manage

You only need to refer your clients to RemotePC. We take care of customer service and back office support for you.

Become a RemotePC Partner today!

No joining fee required. Refer our remote access solution and earn commissions for every signup via your referral.

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